Monday, August 18

Would You Like A Side of Bitch With That?

Started training at my new job today. It only took me about 15 minutes after we opened to have the kitchen guys wrapped around my fingers. I'm just that good. I had taken some dirty dishes back and stopped by to ask them if they wanted something to drink. One guy almost fell into the fryer. He said, "Girl. You've been here less than an hour and you've already beaten everyone else. These people have been here for years and no one has ever asked us if we wanted something to drink. Just a lot of where's my food and what's taking so long. Girl. You can have anything you want, you just ask for it." This kind of pissed off one of the other servers who quickly yelled, "That's not true. We ask you all the time if you need anything," to which he replied, "No you do not." I left the kitchen.

The guy who trained me didn't realize I was going to be there today, so he was a little irritated, I think. He ended up getting a really crappy section, probably so we would have time together where he could show me how to do everything. Needless to say, he didn't make any money. And he made it no secret. I felt bad about it but he still made tips. Not me. He'll live.

Now, I've been working in restaurants around here since 1993. And I have never seen a roach. Honestly, I think I saw my first roach in NYC. No lie. I'd seen them dead at the zoo behind glass, but never a live one. I think I'd remember that. And also that those little bastards fly. Was not prepared for that. Well, I saw one today in the kitchen. It was carrying a huge tray of food over toward the sink. I had my hands full and got the dishwasher's attention. I said, "There is a giant bug about to jump you." He turned and stomped on it. Now, I could have done that, sure. I know they have to be killed, I guess. I don't know many people who would scoop up a roach and carry it outside so that it can be free. But I do not want to feel myself kill something. I remember in NY (I really miss NY, so you'll probably get super sick of me writing about it), I saw a roach on the espresso machine and I was trying to kill it with the drink tray. One of the owners, who was also a bartender, said, "What are you doing?" I said, "Trying to kill this roach." He came over and killed it with a napkin. They're so...crunchy. I'm a hypocrite. I let spiders loose when I find them inside, and I pray flies commit suicide, but man...roaches must die. Just not by my hands.

Before I left, one of the servers came up and said, "Before you leave, will you sweep the floor? It'll only take 30 seconds." My first thought was...and that's why you have roaches. I didn't mind and was about to do it. I mean, it is only sweeping after all. But then the guy who trained me came up and said, "Here. I'll do that. Don't listen to him. He's just like you but he thinks he's everyone's boss. He's not allowed to tell you what to do." I would've totally done it.

I think I'll like it, roaches and all. I'll just only order foods that are white or beige if I ever eat there, which probably won't happen since you only get 50% off your meals when you work which I find to be a crock. And it's just now that I realized I forgot to eat breakfast. And lunch. Ahh...yes. The life of a server. Funny how you just fall right back into it.

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