Wednesday, August 20

...Carry the One

Saw a giant roach at work again yesterday. In the back where they keep the boxes for the fountain soda hook-up. I thought oh, it's probably just the same one from yesterday making his rounds...then I remembered that one met the ugly end of a steel toed boot. So, let's see. That's makes two giant roaches. And that makes one less server eating their food at 50% off.

I used to frequent the establishment many years ago, a.k.a., get my drink on. When I think of all the meals I ate there...fountain drinks I had there...ewww.

I did screw up one table's order. I warned you I would. I thought these dudes wanted a grilled chicken sandwich with a side spinach salad. Alas, that was not the case. They wanted the spinach salad with grilled chicken. Whatever. How was I supposed to know? Honestly, I haven't had five minutes to even look over the menu there and they have about four zillion items. I haven't filled out any paperwork yet and haven't clocked in ever. I may walk down there this afternoon to see if I can do it before tomorrow morning.

I am still dyyyyyying to go out and buy school supplies. I think I will go up to school today and look at my books. Touch them. Smell them. Say hello to them. I want to see how heavy they will be to carry around all day long. I want to see how I look in a full-length mirror holding my books and raising my hand.

I have to go to my old job on Friday and pick up my last paycheck. I am sure if there was any tip for me last Saturday, it is long gone. I got a call yesterday from a girl I worked with; she wanted to know if I'd been getting a lot of massages. She had gone on vacation and had given written and verbal notice of the dates she would be gone and when she would get back. They called her on a Tuesday and left a voice mail that she had a massage the next day at 1 p.m. She got the message that morning at 5 a.m. while sitting in an airport in New Hampshire. She called and told them she wouldn't be there and that she had told The Debil's husband she wouldn't be back until the following day. Since then she's gotten two massages and a lot of attitude. I warned her. But she no listen.

I am so mad at myself for not having quit that job sooner. I could already have been making good money and screwing up orders at work for months now.

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