Sunday, June 22

Things I'm Loving Right Now

American Eagle bag
Originally $49.50. $19.95 online. $14.95 in store

Coffee! I'm obsessed with my Senseo. I've been thinking about the coffee we had at the bakery where I worked in massage therapy school. We would call the French Sumatra "Frank Sinatra". The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe "Etharopian" like the poor little Starvin' Marvin character on South Park. The Highlander Grogg was "Mel Gibson." I don't know where that came from. Maybe Braveheart. I say 'we' called it that. It may have just been me. I can't really remember. I was eating a lot of baked goods back then. Anyhoo...Archer Farms, at Target, makes really tasty coffee pods. They even have a Fair Trade Organic roast. Very nice. I especially like the French vanilla and hazelnut.

If you're a dude, you may not want to read this paragraph, though thank you very much for being here if you are a dude. --The wearing of white to work pisses me off for many reasons, mostly because I've yet to "start". I'm sure I'll do it at work in white pants. If it does happen I'm just going to act like I don't care and walk around all day and not change clothes. (Kidding. I'd be mortified. Sixth grade all over again.) Well, lately...I've been eating like I'm PMSing. Maybe I am just without having my TOTM. These are my main snacks:
Cold and delicious.
Friends or foe? I with their heads! Then tails!!

Lemon lime Emergen-C mixed with cranberry juice. It tastes like a Cosmopolitan. Genius.

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