Friday, June 20

Happy Birthday, Fungi!

My friend is the funniest guy I know. There have been times he's made me laugh so hard that the back of my head gets a shooting pain in it and I think I'm going to have a heart attack. He informed me that would be like saying, "My ear hurts. I think I broke my foot." I've actually put the phone down before because he's made me laugh so hard that I've begun the ugly cry and need to compose myself. When we first met, we would sit on the phone and watch movies together and play Mystery Science Theater 3000. We would turn on the same program, some obscure show on cable, and turn down the volume, and make up our own dialogue. He was so much better at it than me, but I tried to keep up. He moved away to Austin and I told him he needed to be famous. That Matthew McConaugheyHEY was discovered having a beer at a bar. My friend said that would probably just turn him into an alcoholic. Oh well....

He's since gotten married to an equally funny and loverly little longhorn and they have two beautimous chittlins.

I am so happy for him/them. And happy for me! I pick great friends. And come on...who really needs to be recognized on this day? Yours truly. That's who.


~Kara~ said...

I'm pleased you remembered. I've worked hard promoting it down here, "hey do you know what tomorrow is?", "hey guess what I'm doing for my birthday?" You know how I need everyone to know. Thanks for remebering. A couple of great friends is worth much more than a million good ones.
Love you, Terry

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear seelllfff, happy birthday (the harmony part) to me :)

Jenni.mystery said...

I love ya, buddy! You're the BEST!