Tuesday, June 10

Tasmanian Devil With A Beer Mug

I gave a massage to a woman today who had four tattoos.

One ankle had a sun with a profile of a man's face in it. Looked like she did it herself. Next to it was a giant heart with a ribbon through it. I could see writing in the ribbon so I got really close and read that it said "Tom Petty" on one side and "Heartbreakers" on the other. The other ankle had what looked to be a tampon with legs, but I think it was Mr. Peanut. Or neither. The last one I saw was a monkey. On her back. More specifically, a baboon. Is she a druggie? Or does she have a thing for primates whose asses look like Angelina Jolie's mouth in a very wrong shade of pink? I didn't dare ask. Not appropriate.

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