Friday, June 6

Sinus Infection: The Road to Recovery

Baby no longer sneezes and wipes huge globs of snot in her eye as she tries to crawl across the room stopping every two seconds to try and figure out what the hell she just wiped in her eye. Breathing through her nose again; no longer a mouth breather (e.g., Puff Daddy/P. Diddy or John Mayer).

Mommy is doing much better. Still the occasional coughing fit that forces her to leave the room during a massage as tears are pouring down her face. When this happens at work she gets no sympathy. Prefers for it to happen in the presence of loved ones or not at all. No longer sounds like Lauren Bacall.

Baby has stopped blowing giant snot bubbles. Diaper rash has cleared from the excess saliva/mucus. Can nurse for minutes at a time without coming up for air. Takes better naps.

Mommy can breathe mostly through her nose. Cannot taste anything. Nearly gags only getting the texture of things. Regrets Jell-O and Burger King veggie burger. Needs a nap.

Question for the ages: How can one nose make so much noise while being blown yet produces an empty Kleenex?


~Kara~ said...

I totally logged onto your blog to ask if you were alive, I hadn't heard from you via email or blog... then I realized. DUH! I never updated my reader to show your NEW blog name. EEK! I have reading to catch up on! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome back!