Sunday, June 29

I'm at a Loss for Words.

Yesterday at work, the owners passed out a two-page single-spaced typed letter that had been mailed, I guess, to the salon. It was from a client I had massaged complaining about her day of services. Oh, she liked her massage from what I heard but she did not like her facial at all. Her facial was done by my friend. She had been scheduled to do a pedicure in the middle of this client's facial. The owners/receptionists do this crap all the time. Make the aestheticians leave one facial to do a waxing or another facial; poor girls, running around like crazy people. I'd be so confused I'd probably give someone's butt a facial and accidentally wax off their eyebrows.

My friend reminded the owner that she had been booked a pedicure during that facial (the client had complained about being left alone for so long) and he said, "We would never do that." She said, "Yes, you did. It was a regular client of mine (a client that had had such a horrible experience there on her first visit that she swore to never come back, but my friend offered to fix the problem and now this woman is a regular of hers)." He said, "I'll have to go back and look at the appointment book." Customer's always right, I guess, and my friend is a big fat liar.

I couldn't believe they had made five copies of this letter and were handing it out for everyone to read. It was no one's business but the people mentioned in the letter. They should've pulled us, or just my friend, aside privately and discussed it with us. My friend was so upset. The owner said, "Did you read the letter?" to me. I said, "Nope." A girl reading it said, "She liked her massage." I said, "Well, I'm a healer." I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of reading that crap.

So here's the question:

1) Do I quit with two weeks notice knowing that they'll either:
a) tell me to leave right then and not come back, and jeopardize not getting tips or my paycheck,
b) not book me any clients for the last two weeks, book me nonstop for the last two weeks, book me fake clients who just happen to not show up/I don't know where she could be, I confirmed this appointment myself blah blah blah, or book me a client a day at a random hour and make it very difficult on me to enjoy my last two weeks, if that is even possible.

2) Or do I quit on a Wednesday when the pay period ends and not give two weeks notice and go back two days later for my check?

Recently a receptionist put in her two weeks and they called her a few days into those two weeks and told her not to come in to work. Usually when salon or spa people quit, my friend told me they pretty much say get your stuff and get out.

My friend recently asked off for Wednesdays because they're not busy and she could pick up and extra day of babysitting. They've since treated her terribly, yesterday's drama is a great example of that. I am convinced the client is a friend of the owner's and they asked her to write a letter complaining about my friend. I told her to type up a list of all the wonderful things she's done for them and hand the list out to everyone at work and then tell them to suck big hairy dog balls and walk out. But not before she calls me because I don't want to miss it. And I want to quit as well. It'll be too boring without her there.

You decide. 1 or 2?

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