Wednesday, May 14

So Happy

I received my free Senseo in the mail yesterday! I filled-out a survey on and after sending in $15 for shipping (which is fine with me considering the Senseo costs $60) it was delivered to my door in under a week. I used to have a Senseo but someone, whose name will go forevermore unmentioned, took possession of it after the big d-i-v-o-r-c-e. It was a very rough period in my life. God, how I missed that coffeemaker. Well, no more! I am the proud owner of what I consider one of the best coffeemakers in all the coffeedom. And this is a big statement coming from me, I feel. I was a coffee bitch for many years at a wonderful little bakery/restaurant that is no longer with us. *moment of silence* When I started there, I had no freaking idea what a latte was. My boss had to write down on a guest check what all the drinks were, for example: Latte = espresso with hot milk or Cappuccino = espresso with 1/4 cup hot milk and the rest foam, etc. Every time I bent down to get the milk out of the fridge I would frantically scan the list hoping I looked like I knew what I was doing. I was appalled by the first person who ordered an Americano. Yuck! Two shots of espresso and hot water?? That's it??? That's is's I love coffee. Hmm.... Interesting. I came to love lattes and cappuccinos in no time. I have had many a cup of coffee in my day. I started drinking coffee at around 11 years old. That's when I would get up in the morning for school and plug in the coffee for my parents. I still have my little mug I used to drink out of. But honestly, my mom still makes the best cup of coffee I'll ever have. She would come into my room in the mornings and let me have a sip of her coffee. Then she would say, "Oh here. You can have this one." Then she'd set it all the way across the room so I'd have to get up to get it. What trickery. It worked every time.

The Senseo makes such a lovely cup of coffee. A little frothy and the taste is quite nice. And very freaking hot. I just burned the crap out of my tongue. I'm sitting here waiting for the little bumps to pop up. The coffeemaker I have currently is a Black & Decker with a thermal carafe. With just the mention of B&D you'd think it must be the Terminator of coffeemakers. You'd be wrong. It turns off after brewing and doesn't keep the coffee hot enough for a second cup. Of course, I'm a huge nerd and I emailed the company to complain. They said, "Fill the carafe with hot water first and let it warm up." Oh, hi...thank you so much...I was just hatched yesterday and never would've thought of still doesn't make a difference...your product sucks soggy coffee filters! Though I don't use those, I have a reusable one. Alas, that filter has been retired. You can even use your own coffee with the Senseo.

The Senseo has adorable little coffee pods. Maybe not great for the environmentally conscious, but whatever. Recycling is stressful. Which is why I needz my coffeez. My only complaint with the Senseo is, their idea of a two cup serving is the equivalent of a crappy bar's idea of a glass of wine. "You call this a whole glass of wine? You're on crack! I'm never coming here again!" *downs wine, leaves good tip anyway, goes back in a week when a different bartender's working* So, I push the button for the 8 oz. serving and then push the 4 oz. serving button to make the perfect cup of delicious caffeinated foamyness. I love it. I want to marry it. We'll honeymoon in Paris, because evidently it smells like French vanilla and who doesn't like that with a tablespoon of soy creamer and raw turbinado sugar? Crazy people, that's who.

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~Kara~ said...

I get excited when my Google Reader shows you've posted something. THIS is exactly why.