Friday, May 16

Hand-me-downs for Adults

On Sunday, I'm having my Annual Clothing Exchange. I didn't have one last year, though, because I was pregnant. And last thing I wanted was to see a bunch of great clothes I couldn't have. Just like when Target had their Go line and Proenza Schouler designed for them. Figures! I love their designs, but I wasn't going to buy anything while I was pregnant. Who knew what size I'd be after I had my little bundle of joy? Well, now I'm ready...though a couple of friends are now expecting. I found one maternity shirt I hadn't gotten rid of. I wore it to a friend's wedding in NYC. I have a picture from that night on my refrigerator. I was five months pregnant. You can't tell in the photo. But you can see my bra through it. Lovely. the past, we've had so much stuff here it's been ridiculous. I got the most fantastic wallet. I've asked everyone who brought it and no one ever claimed it. At first I thought,'s alright. Maybe I'll use it. Well, I used it so much it was starting to fall apart, so I retired it. I cannot find another one like it anywhere, and of course there's no brand name on it, which is partly why I love it so. Another girl got a Coach bag. There have been clothes from JCrew, Anthropologie, and of course Gap Outlet lines (Banana Republic, ON, Gap) considering we all rip that place to shreds. We line the hallway with shoes and handbags and pile the clothes on the coffee table and then go crazy like we're at a Barney's sale. I used to have a clothing rack to hang very special things. One blazer I got a couple of years ago was a vintage donation from my friend's mother. I love it! I couldn't believe no one else wanted it, that was until I had it on. Which, ironically, is how I feel when I see someone wearing something I gave away. "Hey! That's cute! Didn't look like that on me." Or did it?

Can't wait to see what I'll get this year.

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