Wednesday, May 14


I would like to hunt down whoever designed baby's crib and nurse them no...that's creepy...rock them to sleep and smooch their little head and gently lay them down in bed, cover them up with a really soft blankie and then SLAM!!!!!! making the loudest noise possible right in their ear and when they wake up freaking out thinking the world is ending I'd like to make them stay awake for two hours while I nurse my daughter back to sleep because that noise woke her up as well, and it came from your damned loud crib gate. Jerky crib manufacturing people. You suck. The end.

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~Kara~ said...

That has SO happened to me. You'd think they'd lube up the pull catch thing and it would be really quiet... I put ava to sleep once and realized I'd left the gate down. I went back in and when I pulled it up as softly as possible, it scared her out of her wits.