Tuesday, September 9

What's My Muthaeffin' Name?

Baby Fish Mouth. One of my favorite scenes from a movie ever.

Hmm.... I am thinking I may have to change my heading. I know. I know. I already changed it from absurditiesofsomepeople to whowhatwhenwhereandsometimeswhy. I've already thoroughly explained that I cannot make a decision to save my life. You're just going to have to deal with it.

When I picked Baby Fish Mouth, I didn't realize tons of other people were using it as well. It's a clothing company for babies and tons of people have blogged about that damn scene. But it's so me! I swear my brain works just like Jess's. And Win Lose or Draw is my favorite game ever. For those of you who have yet to meet "Board Game Jennifer" just know...she's not pretty. I found a way to play board games by myself growing up. I'd play both players. Only child, you know. I have issues. Lots of them.

I'm sure my inability to make a decision is somehow my mom's fault. Or Oprah's. I'll have to get a therapist. Or not.

So, what could my new heading be? What is the most accurate way to describe me?
  • When I was pregnant and willing to go on dates--just one date ONE! would have sufficed--I thought about making a tee shirt that read If you ask I'll say 'yes' on the front and ...obviously on the back. My mother was appalled.
  • Then there is my stock motto: I'm an only child. I don't share. It's not technically true, but I am a bit freaky with my stuff. Sure, you can look at the magazine I just got and haven't looked through yet, just don't wrinkle the corners or curl the cover.
So, I'm a mom/only child/daughter/massage therapist/writer/server/full-time student who is completely single for the first time in many many years. Maybe my heading should be Lease with an Option to Buy. Or to complement the journalistic site name...And how's that make you feel? With my hands, yo. With my hands.


ALF said...

Coming up with a blog name is too hard.

CRUARK said...

I love the t-shirt idea. I'd buy one :)