Thursday, September 25

This Week Sucks Blah Blah Blah Whatever

  • College girls loooove their cleavage. They also have the most rockin'/perfectly worn/hole-ridden jeans. I am trying to figure out how to ask one of them where she got her jeans without sounding like a total skeeve.
  • Everything I like is discontinued. Target brand extra tall kitchen garbage bags. Archer Farms coffee pods. Apricot Sands lipstick from L'Oreal. (Of course that was 20 years ago.) The Aussie shampoo I used to use. The Maybelline eyeshadow. Blueprint magazine. Organic Living magazine. The genmachia tea I loved so much. Freaking Baskin Robbins Daqueri Ice.
  • Or the package is changed and even though they assure you it's new and improved or that it has the same great never does.
  • Stupid wind storm abducted my sunglasses. Thieving bitch at work stole the other pair. Final pair lost a screw today and fell off my face.
  • Speaking of face...mine is under the impression I'm in the throes of puberty.
  • Made a veggie chicken patty today for breakfast. Topped it with a veggie slice of American cheese, mayo, and mustard. Enveloped it inside a whole wheat bun. And then left it sitting on the coffee table and didn't think of it until I was pulling into the parking lot at school.
  • I cannot find a sufficiently roomy bag to carry every damn thing I need to carry to school without it weighing seven hundred and eleven pounds.
  • Haven't had time to go back and renew my license.
  • Have to go to work tomorrow and be nice to the person who stole from me.
  • Having a love affair with Kasil jeans.
  • Wondering what in the hell I was thinking going back to school. I can't be 100% mommy, 100% student, 100% friend, 100% daughter and 100% employee.


~Kara~ said...

2 stores carry Kasil here, and holy moly they are way more than I can afford. CUTE THO!!!

Jenni.mystery said...

I got them at a consignment shop. Are you sitting down? $15 a piece.

Anonymous said...

re: your last point, I've been there and you're right. You can no longer be 100% of what you were. But the upside is life gets better when you're done and you will look back and say, "Hell, I was a frickin' goddess." And you'll be right.

Jenni.mystery said...

Thank you, Jennie. Hopefully you're still here in two years so you can say "See? I told you so."

Through My Lens said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Ah, yes. I hate it when I made things and leave them on the counter. Case in point: my iced soy coffee that I left on the dining room table as I left for work. CRAP. I needed that caffeine!

justcurious said...

Hey, if it makes you feel any better, none of us is all that all the time. We all go through our days wondering which ball we're going to drop next. It's part of life, ESPECIALLY when you have a child. They make you feel like you want and need to give 110%, just to them. As I've said before, I'm impressed with all that you're doing. Keep it up!