Tuesday, September 30

Ode to Ellipses

I bet you thought...hey...there's a typo in her heading. But...no. There isn't. Ellipses is not spelled with an 'I'. You, my friend...are wrong.

Ellipses are/is my favorite of the punctuation(s). Egads. Get me out of this sentence.

I love the ellipses so much. I write it all the time. You may have noticed from previous posts. It makes me happy. It puts me in a punctuary comma...I mean...coma.

I have a great love affair with the ellipses. Sadly, so does my statistics professor. Only...she has no clue how to use them. She speaks in ellipses...incorrectly. Example: "You find the commonality and then the...answer."

I'm sorry...what? You don't need ellipses there! It's...not right! Are you really waiting for us to fill in the...blank? See? Doesn't work.

Another example: "We will have the quiz on Wednesday now and the test on...Monday."

Stop doing that!!!! You're driving me crazy!!!


~Kara~ said...

I am an ellipses-oholic. I can't help it...it just happens. I'm...sorry. Don't hate me. Still visit.

Sandi said...

Your teacher sounds like Capt'n Kirk in my head. Hee!