Wednesday, September 17

I'm Your Huckleberry

There are two guys, one in Biology and the other in Geography, who bug the living bejeesus out of me. The dude in Biology (Cody is his name. Actually his name is something else, but he goes by Cody. That's another story.) I think might be drunk when he comes to class. At first, his questions were very helpful. Now, he is bothering everyone. Some people laugh, some people like me huff and puff hoping he'll shuttup or pass out. The teacher mentioned diarrhea was a disease and then he proceeded to ask 40 questions about it, including "The next time I have diarrhea, I can tell everyone I have a disease?" The teacher said, "If you want to." How about diarrhea of the mouth?

The other dude is THE MOST ANNOYING BOY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ANNOYING BOYS. He would, in fact, annoy the most annoying person you've ever met. The Pope would surely have him locked away in a dungeon never to be seen again. He cannot remain quiet. "My friend's truck was stolen in Mexico. It WAS! I'm not joking." "They called me a gringo, so I left." "Weren't we always focused on Columbia?" "It's plain capitalism." "Farmers. Oh, I meant cowboys." "The Panama Canal." "If McCain wins, my brother and I are going to move to Canada." The last comment very nearly swayed my vote.

Well, yesterday during an experiment in biology lab, the first kid nearly spilled a whole jar of tuna fish water on me. And the second dude...called me m'am.

I'm going to have to hurt them.

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ALF said...

Oh man. That sounds rough. The tuna water would have been deserving of a punch to the teeth. You should have called the other one sir.