Saturday, April 19

If the bed's a's probably an earthquake.

I woke yesterday morning to an earthquake. Crazy. At first I thought it was a semi driving by and then I figured I was dreaming. So glad I didn't investigate further. Glad nothing really dangerous the building falling down or something. My friend and her boyfriend were in bed. She said, "We woke up and he yelled 'Get out of the house'. I grabbed my pants and we ran downstairs." I didn't ask the details. Luckily, I had pants on. I sleep in pants and a tee shirt. Or a nightgown. I'm not a sleep in nothing kind of girl. I tried it a few times, but it weirded me out. I thought...what if there was an earthquake and I couldn't get dressed in time to leave the house? I know. If there was an earthquake, I'd just lay in bed and fall back to sleep. But if there's a bird outside my window, or a frog, I'd be up all night. I can sleep through a five alarm fire brigade driving by, but put one cricket outside my window...and I'd be up all night. I was a resident assistant in college and slept through a fire alarm. One of my residents mentioned the next morning how lucky I was that I wasn't home for it. I said, "Uh...yes I was. I didn't hear it."

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