Sunday, April 13

Say What???

I ran into my cousin the other night. I took baby to the Zoo's Tunes and Blooms for a bluegrass concert. I haven't seen my cousin since Christmas. Talking to her made me realize something. I have completely lost all conversational skills. Living alone, with a baby, and working in silence all day long does no one any good. How many words is it women are supposed to say a day? 10,000? Men say 2,000? I need to get my 10,000 words out in the span of a few hours. I'm sure I drive my friends crazy talking a thousand miles a minute about nonsensical things that run through my mind while I'm giving massages. Like...what I should've said to the guy who dumped me years ago. Why are avocados suddenly too much for my system to handle? What new perfume should I wear if any, since my hormones are all out of whack and my old scent smells like crap now? Will Jennifer Aniston ever be happy? All of these things need to be worked out. I can't talk to my clients about them because I don't like to talk during massages for fear of saying something really inappropriate. And baby just doesn't care that I'm on Team Aniston. So until I either change careers or get a roommate (which won't happen) I'll just have to make do. I'll read the posts aloud to myself. And maybe even email comments to myself about them.

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