Tuesday, July 8

Who's The Boss?

There are a lot of bossy people in my life:

My mother. She's not bossy, but she is still entitled to tell me what to do. Most of the time...I listen to her.

My horrid bosses at work who still suck cherry pits. They have no business bossing people. There was a mistake on my form today and I asked just to double check that I didn't screw up my client's services. I said, "So, she's getting her facial next? At noon?" He yelled, "Yes. Believe me!" I said, "Well, it says right here her facial is at one o'clock, so I'll just change it to twelve...." I wanted so desperately to yell back, "Why shouldn't I believe you? Are you usually a big fat liar?" The receptionist came over and said, "Oh yeah. I was working on fixing that." Whatev. After that ridiculous note passing ordeal, I've done nothing but smile and nod whenever they tell me something for the fiftieth time, i.e., don't wrap wet towels in the sheets. I DO NOT USE WET TOWELS! *sigh*

And Hudson. She is so the boss of me. She won't let me put her down or hold her or position her anyway she hasn't fully approved before hand. She's all like "Refer to the handbook, lady" and I'm all like "Give me the Cliffs Notes."

We're tired in this house.

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~Kara~ said...

are you alive??? :( no postie?