Monday, July 28

What's the What?

When radiator fluid leaks it smells like maple syrup and sprays all over the hood of your car and on your windshield. Or maybe that was maple syrup.

Baby loves to freak people out by waving and yelling HI at them if they seem to be ignoring her. If they look disinterested, she'll wave with both hands. Not a flappy mess. A full-on princess wave. Practice makes perfect.

Public restroom "Soap Lotion" is the bisexual of hand cleansers. Just pick one, dammit. Are you a Soap? Or are you a Lotion? Why must you waffle? And smell like urinal mints?

Baby had her first French fry today. And then she had her second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. Just little bits of fries. She thought they were you know...whatever.

She also charmed a bartender and got him to honk the choo-choo's horn for her without even having to ask. I didn't try to place wagers on whether or not she can touch her shirt with her Gene Simmons tongue. I hate taking money from sore losers.

She slept in her stroller for the entire third consignment shop spree. She looked pretty ticked off when she woke up so she bought a onesie and a pair of jeans to make herself feel better.

That's last shop had a bunch of stairs and I couldn't help but comment on how no one in a wheel chair would be able to shop in their store. Rude. And they charged $50 for the cutest skirt I've ever tried on in my life. Ruder.

I had pretzels and bing cherries for dinner. And sparkling water. I'm fancy.

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Maike Hemmers said...

Hey, I like you blog. It is so funny. Unfortunatelly I don't understand every joke, but the most part and that is all enough. Gon on :)