Monday, July 21

Remember How I Said People Are Absurd?

I owe you $1.50 from the other day. I'm not supposed to be swearing. Here's $3. Keep the change.

What the HELL is wrong with people? Poor baby was so sad and sleepy Friday morning and I hauled ass in the shower (she cried the whole time I was in there) and rushed her to daycare only to have my first damn client just not show up. No call. Nothing. People. Don't do this. It's rude and makes you a real bitch. Here's another 50 cents.

Yesterday, I saw a man fall off his bike. He yelled "Oh! Oh! No!" like he knew it was going to happen. He fell onto the blacktop at the gas station. Skinned his poor knee and hands. I was across the street and couldn't help him. He was so embarrassed. He was trying to be all environmentally conscious and he got punished for it. I cried and the only thing that made me stop crying was by telling myself 'this is why you shouldn't ride on the sidewalks' and 'he's probably a wife beater.'

Then I saw a female copper today on a bike. I had to put on my signal to go around this truck that was trying to back out of a parking garage. She just went around me and him and then turned down a one-way street and got on the sidewalk. Rude. You're NOT supposed to do THAT.

Baby has an ear infection. I guess. Gramma had to take her to the doctor because I couldn't get out of work. Baby's ears are so full of wax the doctor couldn't see in them. So she is on antibiotics which I promptly spilled all over the floor. Gotta pick up a refill today.

Baby's word list:

Bye! (Said after people leave, accompanied by a princess wave; or said after I hang-up the phone.), Di-per, Dirty, Daisy, What's this?, What's that?, This, That, kitty cat, manmanmanma (banana), mama, da-da (yeah...still....), puffy stars (sounds more like muffinmars), and the newest as of Friday...Kiss!

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