Saturday, December 20

So It Happened

I did it. I fell down the stairs while carrying the baby. I knew it. I have a wild imagination. And I promise you that every horrible thing I can imagine will eventually happen to me. I'm not saying I force it to happen, but I do think that perhaps it happens to teach me that I can handle anything. And that I am a tad bit psychic, something many close friends and relatives will affirm.

So I was walking down the stairs and I slipped and fell with baby on my right hip. I am pretty sure that it must have really hurt her somehow. She cried. A lot. And I cried. Almost as much. I was in shock, I think. And she was probably more afraid because I was so frightened for her safety. It was only six stairs but it didn't feel like it was going to end. I kept trying to catch myself but there was nothing to grab onto. I just couldn't gather my thoughts to make it all stop.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to lunch with a friend of mine. I've known him for nearly ten years. I should have known him for fifteen years. He was an employee of an arena football team for which I was a cheerleader. Small world. We didn't meet until 1999. We lived in the same building twice. I didn't think he liked me "like that," not that every guy must like me but he's adorable and I'm not a psychopath so...why didn't we date?

A week later, he invited me to a play. OMG I actually was picked up and taken on a bona fide date. I was pretty nervous. Really nervous. I have been a real basketcase these past few months. Living alone causes you to lose some serious conversational skills. Living with a child under sixteen months old causes you to talk too much when you're around other grown-ups.

I guess he didn't mind too much that I blabbered on and on all night long. It was at his house where I fell. In more ways than one.


justcurious said...

That one post made me gasp, and laugh, and say, "awww" in quick succession. How touchingly revealing. Here I was, just hoping you're doing well on your finals, and you're much busier than that! At least your head didn't go between the railings and snap off, as you previously feared. :)

Csquaredplus3 said...

I gasped too after reading your first two sentences.

I'm assuming you and baby girl are all right now. I've had those experiences with my young children. It's heart stopping.

Sounds like you got bit by the love bug. Keep us posted.

Smiles, Chris

Carmen said...

those grades are A's in my book! i love you my friend. and am so proud to be able to call you friend. if you were a stamp you would read "Job Well Done".