Wednesday, December 10

Dr. Evil

Baby is finished with shots until her 2 year appointment. This is a good thing. This means, sans any sickness (fingers crossed), I won't have to see those people for some time coming at my child with a needle.

Every time she got a shot, she cried for about five seconds and I cried for about twenty minutes. And each of those times when she cried tiny little baby baby tears, the nurse (a different nurse each time) would say, "I'm sorry. I didn't want to do it. Your mommy made me."

What would have been your response?


CSquaredplus3 said...

That's a terrible feeling. I cried when our first child received his shots too. The second child, not so much. The third child's never had a shot (for some good and personal reasons - I'm not a freak).

Glad you both get a break from the drama.

Jenni.mystery said...

There were a couple of times I requested she not be given shots and they did it anyway. From my previous posts, you've probably gathered our doctor's office isn't into hippie moms.

justcurious said...

That IS evil. The one time I thought shots weren't handled well, I complained, nicely, to the pediatrician the next time I was there. I thought she should know what happened and the effect it had on our daughter. She was appreciative.