Friday, March 21

Love...not actually

I just finished watching Love Actually with a friend who is getting a divorce. We were going to watch Brokeback Mountain but I was afraid it would be too depressing. Love Actually may not have been a great choice either, but it's her favorite. Many parts of the movie piss me off. The whole Laura Linney character, for starters. Put your brother on hold for God sake and get laid!!! Karl is HOT. I wanted to throw her damn cell phone out the window. And her brother. And Emma Thompson playing Hugh Grant's younger sister? I realize she's only about a year and a half older than him in real life, but they make her look ten years older than him in the movie. What's with that?? And I noticed that the London airport resembles the airport in Denver. I remembered flying out of there once during the holiday season. I had purchased an ornament in one of the stores. While going through the security check, I was pulled aside and my bags were searched. My stuff was everywhere. Finally, after rifling through my unmentionables, the guard told me, "I can't let you fly with this." xO (That symbol is the expression I must've had on my face.) He said, "This isn't allowed on the plane." He was holding the ornament I had just purchased. I said, "I just bought that in your store. That store right over there. *pokes the air dramatically with arm fully extended* He said, "Yeah. I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed on the plane in your carry-on." I said, "Then why on earth do you sell these things? Are these ornaments only meant to be purchased by people who live in Colorado who fly into this airport and are on their way home? I don't live here. I bought this as a souvenir. Clearly I have to take it on the plane. I've already checked my bags." :/ (This is the expression on his face.) He let me take the ornament, but tossed my tweezers case I was some crazy sick lunatic who went around tweezing people to death.

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Tess & Matthew said...

Actually, I hated Love, Actually.