Sunday, March 30

I'm not allowed to have money.

I think saving is a curse. Whenever I have extra money it has to be spent. A couple of weeks ago, my landlord called to tell me, "Alan upstairs from you called me this morning to tell me you have a flat tire." Me: F^@& "He didn't want to knock because it was pretty early. He said he didn't want you out driving with the baby with a flat." So, backpedal to a few days before when I went to the new IKEA opening in West Chester. On the way home I hit a gigantic pothole that threw my car into the next lane. Thank the Lord no one was next to me or we would've been in a very bad accident. I had my daughter and my friend with me. Very scary. We were unharmed, but I was afraid my Jeep was not so lucky. We managed to make it all the way to the slow lane, drove in the emergency lane, got off the highway and drove home through the city. (It was the day after IKEA opened. There were police every where hoping to catch speeders. What a horrible job. And the people they did catch probably came from IKEA where they'd just spent an assload of money that they had saved only to have it taken away by the po-po. If I'd been pulled over I would've just yelled, "Well I guess I'll go back to IKEA and return all this crap so I can pay this EFFING TICKET!! And then I would've screamed, "I JUST CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE!" for added effect.)

So here I'm thinking I have a flat because of this incident. I pack up the baby and make it outside only to find my tire is not flat. It's low...but it's been that low since I don't know when. Now I feel like a bad mother. I took it to a service station down the street where I was informed, "We can check the tires for leaks. If there are holes, we can plug them for $15 a piece. If there's nothing and they're just low, it will be $10 for labor and no additional cost." Luckily it was the latter. Of course I was thinking $10 for air. I could've done that for free. But better to know that there were no holes, etc. And it could've been worse. My landlord said, "I told Alan you're a massage therapist and he said his back has been bothering him." I'm sure it has.

Now I need new contacts because I currently cannot see out of mine. I've been wearing my glasses. Which means I have to fix my hair. I cannot wear hats with glasses, unless they're sunglasses which I can remove. Eyeglasses, hat, earrings, and tons of hair is just way too much going on around my cranial area.

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