Thursday, March 27


I work in hell. You may work there as well, just in a different department.

I stopped by work on Monday to see if I had any tips. People rarely tip here for some reason. And the majority of the people are very wealthy. Probably how they have so much money. Anyhoo...when I walked in the receptionist said to the owner, " she is!" I said, "Talking about me, eh?" She told me they had a massage they needed covered on Wednesday morning. I'd already agreed a couple of weeks ago to cover two massages for this afternoon at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. I said, "Well, I don't have a sitter that day but maybe I can find one. So, I guess...yes. I can do it."

I called a girl who said she'd be happy to sit for baby sometime. She never called me back. My other friend, who has two children, said if I couldn't find anyone she could do it. I always try to ask my friends with no children first. Well, Tuesday, I couldn't get ahold of that friend all day. I didn't know what to do. Finally Wednesday morning I called her superearly and she said I could bring her over. It would only be for two hours. I rushed baby out the door and to my friend's. Rushed to work, killed a squirrel and when I say killed I mean d-e-d. I've never run over anything before that I know of. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a paper bag. I asked aloud in the car, "What the heck was that?" Then I felt under my tire...well, you get the picture.

So I said a little prayer that my day would go better from that moment on. I get to work and set up my room. Finally, I went to the desk to ask for my tips and that's when the receptionist informed me "They're not coming?" I said, "They're not coming?" She shook her head 'no' and just gave me a blank stare. The other receptionist said, "I guess she called back the same day she made the appointment and canceled." I said, "My sitter never got back to me so you mean I just kicked my daughter's ass and rushed to find someone to watch her and came here for nothing?" She said, "Bummer." I said, "They should have to pay." She said, "Well, she canceled."

Why wasn't this taken care of/crossed off the appointment book? Wasn't this appointment confirmed? I can't believe I ever complained about my old job charging people for appointments when they no-showed. I thought it was a horrible policy. But now, I want to say to people, "I have a child to support. Granted, I didn't have to pick this career but you also don't have to get a massage. Here's a tennis ball and a wooden spoon. Massage yourself."

Did I mention I killed a squirrel? *note to self, find new job*


~Kara~ said...

you crack me up. why were you up at 5 in the morning, missy?

Tess & Matthew said...

Nooo, don't say that about "probably why they're rich," that sounds like something our moms would say. The notion (which my mom has, possibly yours too) that all rich people are cheapskates and it's laudable because look where it got them... it's so wrong. As in, incorrect. It's fundamentally, ontologically, practically, mathematically, and spiritually WRONG.

I'm sorry about the squirrel. :-( And hey, I will babysit anytime possible! And I live close to you!!