Monday, October 27

I'm not...I mean...She's Not Ready.

So the past two nights, Huddy has asked to go to bed. The first night she said, "Nigh-night baby," and patted her leg over and over again while I was changing her diaper. Then she said, "Bobble," which means 'bottle,' of course...which I never give to her at home. We still nurse here and bottles are for school, grandma and the sitter. Then the clincher...she started singing her lullaby to herself. "Daisy daisy...." I cried.

Last night, grandma watched her. Huddy walked into her room, grabbed the railing on the crib, put her forehead against it and closed her eyes. "Nigh-night," she said. Dear Lord. I cannot believe how big she has gotten.

Well, I just took her to school and her teacher said, "Starting next week, she needs to just have her sippy cup of milk. No more bottles." What? Is this normal? She moved over to the next section at school. She loves it with the big kids. Today, they're going to try to get her to sleep on the cot for the first time instead of her normal crib.

Oh my GAWD. Someone please hold me.


~Kara~ said...

it's hell right? watching your little baby get all toddler-ish?

Jenni.mystery said...

It sucks large dog balls.

Carmen said...

i'm sure it's a bit bittersweet, as well. think of how exciting it is that she is soooo bright. and growing healthy and strong. and all as a result of the love you have poured into her over the last 14 mos! i cannot wait to see what she does next.

Michael B said...

it just gets better. every age is better than the last. at least that's how it is for my kids. but i confess that i want to somehow bottle their age up and not let them grow. but trust that each age will be special.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, the growing up is soul shredding. it's worse with Red than with the girls, because I know he is the last. Treasure these last baby days.