Monday, October 13

Don't MAKE Me Get All Caps on You!

Dear people of my town,

Stop stealing my stuff, yo! Jaysus. Now Huddy can't listen to Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bone. Now she will cry.

But thanks for not taking my $175 parking pass or Huddy's car seat.


P.S. Thanks for finding my sunglasses case. Thought I'd lost that.


justcurious said...

I'm sorry. You do seem to be having a hard time. That hit home in a silly/sad way... my son loves that Skippyjon Jones business. For about a week he just liked saying the name out loud to himself.

Tell us about your new job. Is it the restaurant you mentioned before?

Carmen said...

I like saying Skippyjon Jones out loud too. And of course I say it in my BEST Mexican accent!