Tuesday, May 12

It's That Old Sweet Song

I think we're going to go to Savannah today. We were thinking about checking out Paula Deen's Lady & Sons restaurant. But then we discovered these:

  • Mashed potatoes from heaven. Tasty sweet lemonade. Yummy bbq riblets. The best buffet I've had... one of the worst reservation systems/policies known to man.
  • For anyone whose ever seen her show, you know Paula Deen uses entirely too much butter in her recipes. And now I am pretty sure they run butter through the air vents and even the air is buttery and fattening here.
  • I believe they really did start every dish just as Paula says - with a stick of butter. Therefore by the time you start working on your 2nd buffet helping, you may notice your stomach beginning to rumble. If you keep eating, an aching churn is on its way. I suggest telling everyone at your table that you forgot the mashed potatoes immediately after you inevitably emit some southern fried methane, excuse yourself and leave before anyone knows it was you.
  • My arteries are still clogged. The options on the buffet were butter, oil, and grease. Yes, I expected some unhealthy vittles, but I didn't expect fat-broiled fatty chunks of fat swimming in fat. The recipe for Paula's Deep Friend Butter Balls on her website makes so much more sense now.
Oh well. I would like to visit the gift shop. Supposedly there's an apron there that reads: Put a little South in your mouth. I think my mother needs that.


~Kara~ said...

I would be all up in that buttery goodness. You can't go wrong with butter. Lots-o-buttah.

p.s. still wondering if you've chosen a weekend to come visit the Wildenschnauzers!? We WOULD LOVE IT! Baby must meet Ava and Grace. and Me, so I can pinch those cheeks.

Chris said...

Oh, you're making me hungry! I've been disciplined about cleaning up my diet (without totally depriving myself), but maybe I'm overdue for a good ol' fashioned PIGOUT!

Hope you find the apron - cute!

Jenni said...

Oh, I didn't get the apron. I ended up getting her something else instead. I won't spoil it in case she's reading this while I'm away.