Monday, May 11

How Fast Can They Run?

So, finals are finally over and I have been stalking my school's website for days now waiting for my grades. Come on, people! GRADE! You're killing me. There are so many assignments that haven't been graded yet. I would love to remind them of all the deadlines they placed on us this semester. Um...hello?

I am on my first vacation in a few years. We're in Hilton Head and I was promised by several people I would not come across any alligators. Well, 'tis not the case. I was sitting outside on the deck with the baby girl blowing bubbles (really good bubbles but they're flavored and colored which sucks). I hear this guttural growl and immediately grab the baby and run into the screened-in porch. The Boy came out and I told him I heard an alligator. He said he was sure I didn't. And then we spotted it in the swampy pondy thingy behind our villa. Yes, I said villa. There are freaking gators at a Westin Hotel! omg

Not happy.

And now I can't stop stalking the gator. Where is he? What's he doing? Most he hungry?

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Too5 said...

think cheetah.