Monday, June 1

Status Update

I chose The Tale of Despereaux. Cried. I chose The Underneath. Bawled. Had to stop reading because I couldn't swallow my sushi.

Daughter is talking like a four-year-old. How did this happen?

Had first day of children's literature today. Teacher read a book I knew baby would love. Went to gigundous library book sale. Found said book. Brilliant.

Back into Pilates. Make that five people in four weeks (including today's Pilates instructor) who have asked me if I am pregnant. I hate people.

May have found a bag that can potentially carry all my books for the fall semester. I so do not want to use a wheeled suitcase-like book bag. Please, baby Jesus, don't make me have to do that.

Have become a burger-making genius.

Am desperate for a pedicure.

Would love a new wardrobe.

Need air conditioning in my car. It's bloody hot.

Need to get my hair colored.

I love coffee. And Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal.

Can't believe what "Family Guy" gets away with and I love it.

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john does Amsterdam said...

love the format ;)

hope the 22 month old is mending-