Sunday, March 8

Oh, Bloody Hell!

A woman came over to me at church this morning to comment on my gorgeous daughter and how absolutely lovely she is when she is sleeping. She is gorgeous all the time (Duh.) but when she is asleep, her look changes completely. So the woman said, "She is getting so big. When are you due?"

What the effing EFF! This is never appropriate to ask someone unless maybe you're a taxi driver and a woman is screaming her lungs out in the back seat. Not until the baby's head is coming out of the vagina should this question ever be asked. Ever.


Sarah said...

I thought those ladies had better manners :) I'm glad you went to church though-- I've been absent a lot lately. I do miss you on facebook- but I guess it's for a good cause :)

Michael B said...

Doesn't everyone know that?!