Monday, April 18

I Would Never Want To Be A Member Of A Club That Would Have Me As A Member

I am getting so tired of having to have a shopper's card at every darn store. At the same time, I do appreciate the discounts at the grocery store, but the membership is free. What is the point of just signing up for a plastic card so you'll receive major discounts at no cost to you? How does this work out?

I have long shopped at Meijer, but Bigg's started a gas program with the Sunoco station and I have always felt Sunoco gas lasts longest in my car. Of course, they discontinued their partnership with Sunoco. Now, I can only get gas at Speedway or SuperAmerica. I can't remember the last time I ever saw a SuperAmerica.

Well, Bigg's also partnered with a local family-owned grocer in town and now you can use your shopper card at both places. I once got over fifty cents off per gallon with all my grocery points. I was flabbergasted. And I don't get to use that word often enough.

I went to get gas the other day at Speedway and swiped my Bigg's card. Please see cashier. I went inside and was told I had to sign-up for a Speedway card. I just thought it was something simple, they way Kroger does it with their partnership with Shell. Wait a minute.... That's not simple either! You can't even get gas at Shell without swiping the damned Kroger card. I once pulled up and swiped my credit card only to have it ask me for my Kroger card. Back in the car, grab Kroger card, swipe. Please swipe credit card. I JUST DID THAT!  Swipe card again afraid I'd be paying twice. Long process...You are not eligible for a discount. Oh, for the LOVE!

 So I went ahead and signed-up at the kiosk for a Speedway card even though I was in a real rush to pick my daughter up from school. I asked how I got my discount with my grocery card and the boy said, "Oh, it takes 24 hours for it to activate." ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? I just wanted gas!

The guy told me I could go online and activate the card and add my shopper points. I did that today, but it didn't seem accurate. I called the grocery and she said there is yet ANOTHER card I need to sign-up for to use at both places.

I am trying to figure out how I can grow all my own food and use the leftovers to fuel my car.

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