Thursday, January 8

You Look...Different

I am starting school on Monday. The following week I will be doing a two-day practicum in a local elementary school. Thus...teachery clothes will need to be purchased.

You know...I should have really thought this whole going-back-to-school-to-work-in-a-school "thing." I have no CLUE how I am ever going to become a morning person. Baby wakes up at 7.15 a.m. or 7.30 a.m. most days and that is an ungodly hour for me. Once I get a teaching job...I should be sitting at my desk by that time. WUT? Someone hold me.

I went to the Gap Outlet with my mom the other day. I'd like to say I forgot how much she abhors that place, but I didn't. I get a really demented sense of joy listening to her freak out when we walk in the door. "What in the world?" "Are these clothes used?" "What do you mean you won't accept my check? You're treating me like some kind of criminal!" When I informed her that eChecks (the check verifying company used by Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc.) never accepts a check from someone who has never written a check there before, the girls who were working the register looked at me like I'd just found the Holy Grail. How'd she know that? My mom was none too happy and made sure they all knew it.

Anyway, I got some pants and a skirt, but that is not going to get me through the whole semester. I have no clue how to dress or what I'm going to wear. Or how on Earth I'm going to look presentable everyday. I am a Hat Girl and love to just throw one on and run out the door. Cute hats. Only the occasional baseball cap. I'm pretty sure hats are a big no-no for teachers. Now I'm going to have to do my hair everyday. How do teachers do this? And I just realized...I'm probably going to have to shower every night. OMG.

I remember my teachers in school always having curled hair and looking nice. Maybe they had a team of people who helped them get ready everyday. I want to look professional but also romantic like my high school English teacher. She wore great soft sweaters and flowy-legged pants. I went through a serious Meg Ryan phase after Sleepless in Seattle came out years ago. Perhaps I will channel her again. Her style in When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail are equally adorable. Yes. That may be the ticket. Because I don't think my old work tee shirt that reads "No one beats our meat" on the back is going to cut it.


justcurious said...

You mean teachers go home at night?

Michael B said...

My mother was a teacher, and my wife is a teacher. I've been around school all my life. And there is definitely a female "teacher look." They have that look no matter what they wear. As do female nurses, I've found.

Gap is not that look.

So if you go the Gap route, you're going to stand out. In a good way.

But then again, the teachers I've spent most the time with are elementary teachers who never know when they will be cleaning up kids' vomit from their outfit. Comfort, not fashion, is definitely a priority.

Michael B said...

By the way, let me clarify that I was not referring to my wife or mother when discussing teacher fashion. I was suggesting that because of them I'm familiar with how teachers dress. Oh, also not at my wife's current school, either.

Bethany said...

Oh, are cracking me up! I remember my first day! There are 3 kinds of teacher (with regards to dress): 1. Trendy (these crazy people where expensive clothes/shoes and for the most part are super uncomfortable all day (who stands in 3 inch, pointy toe heals for 10 hours a day???). 2. Old school (these teachers wear the embroidered shirts with apples, flowers you know what I am saying here). 3. The rest (we, I include myself here, dress for work! We know that a sharpie marker will KILL any outfit. My Earth shoes never leave my feet). Bottom line...the kids don't care. If the adults do, you probably don't much in common anyway.

Oh...on the shower thing, YES! You have to be clean, but should you oversleep, headbands are the working girl's hat! Wow, working not what I meant!

Bethany said...

By the way, I stink at spelling! I only slept 4 hours last night, I had report cards due today. I am FORCING myself to stay up till 9pm. Sorry for the grammar/spelling/general wrongness!